Local Bus Trip Planning through Google Maps

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 | Categories:

AMTRAN is proud to announce transit trip planning through Google Maps to an  already long list of technology applications to make it easier to ride the bus.


Starting from AMTRAN’s home page, customers just plug in their origin, destination, and time of day to have Google Maps plan their bus trip for them.  Their plan will include directions to the bus stop (and how long it will take to walk there), when the bus is scheduled to arrive (and how long the bus trip will take), and finally how to get from their ending bus stop to their final destination (again including how a walk).


According to Eric Wolf, AMTRAN General Manager, “This is a simple, easy solution to customers asking ‘how do I get there from here?’  It works on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.  Plus it’s available 24/7.”


Trip planning is only the latest technological innovation for AMTRAN.  For more than four years, customers have been able to get real-time bus departure times from any AMTRAN bus stop through their computer or phone plus through scan-able QR codes at every stop.


AMTRAN’s tech partner is Avail Technologies in State College, PA.