Bicycle Policy

Bicycle Use Policy



Although AMTRAN encourages bicyclists to utilize the services offered by AMTRAN, the guidelines and instructions contained herein must be followed to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, as well as the safety of AMTRAN and passenger property.   

II.General Provisions and Regulations  

  • For the purposes of this Policy, a bicycle shall be defined as a two-wheeled, manual or electric powered vehicle. Gasoline-powered tandem bikes, tricycles, bikes with child-carrier seats and/or training wheels shall not be permitted on the bike racks or on AMTRAN buses.  
  • Each AMTRAN bus is equipped with a bike rack that will hold two bicycles at a time.
  • Use of the space on each bike rack shall be on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • If the bike rack is full, passengers with bicycles will be required to wait for the next bus with available space.  Bikes are not permitted in the cabin of the bus.
  • The bike racks on AMTRAN buses are designed to hold bicycles with wheel sizes ranging from 20” to 29” and with tires up to 2.23”. 
  • Bicycles falling outside of the above specifications may not utilize the bike rack and shall not be permitted on AMTRAN buses. 
  • Prior to AMTRAN Bus arrival, the passenger wishing to utilize the bike rack shall ensure that all unsecured items are removed from the bicycle. Any items which fall from the bicycle while in transit shall not be the responsibility of AMTRAN. 
  • The AMTRAN driver should be advised upon arrival when a passenger intends to load or unload a bicycle from AMTRAN’s bus. 
  • Bike locks are not permitted on any bikes being transported on AMTRAN buses, and the use of such lock will result in the revocation of the passenger’s ability to use the bike racks or transport bikes on any AMTRAN bus in the future. 
  • Bicycles left on an AMTRAN bus or at an AMTRAN facility for longer than thirty days will be considered abandoned. 


III.Loading and Unloading a Bicycle on AMTRAN Buses

  • Upon arrival of the AMTRAN bus, inform the driver that you will be boarding and will be loading your bike. 
  • All bicycles shall be loaded from the curb side or front of the bus. 
  • Remove loose items from your bike such as water bottles, pumps, bags, etc.
  • When loading a bicycle onto the bike rack, squeeze the handle in the center of the rack and pull the rack outward.  Place the bicycle onto the rack, with the wheels in the proper slots.  Raise and secure the support arm over the top of the tire. 
  • Prior to approaching your stop, tell the driver that you will be unloading your bike.
  • All passengers must be able to load and unload his or her own bicycle, as the driver will not be permitted to assist with the same. 



  • The use of the bike rack on AMTRAN buses is strictly at the own risk of the passenger/cyclist.  
  • AMTRAN is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to any bicycle or equipment on the AMTRAN buses or property, regardless of cause.  The use of the bike rack an express acknowledgement of the same.